Uptripping specializes in an eclectic mix of new, "uptripped" and consigned furnishings from around our mountain community and the all over globe. We are always on the hunt for adventurous and unique pieces.

Shannon & Jeremy travel their community and globe looking for unique pieces like desks made of a Willy's Jeep, consoles made from bicycles and bars made from skis. We look for artists making items that only a true adventurer could pull off in their home.  We are always on the hunt for unique creations that add a one-of-a-kind touch to your home.

We "Uptrip" pieces using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. We believe that good furniture is in the bones of a piece and we want to save tossing great pieces into dumpsters just because they don't fit our current style. Don't toss it...Uptrip it...into something that is unique to only you! Make an old piece modern. Make a modern piece look like 100 year old barnwood. Paint your kitchen cabinets in a weekend instead of paying thousands to replace them. Anything is possible with Chalk Paint and our team can teach you the tricks to the trade right in our store. Come talk to us about painting metal, fabric, wood, leather, even your floors!

The best part about consignment is writing checks to our community each month. The more successful we are, the more successful our entire community is! Not only do you get 50% of the sale as a consignor, but Uptripping donates a portion of our sales to one local and one international charity each month. It's a win/win/win for everyone.

Interested in consigning your art or furnishings?

  1. Email us pictures of your gently used, rare, adventurous or unique pieces. Sorry, we do not take any appliances, clothing, or dishware.
  2. Once your piece is approved, you may bring your item to the store during business hours.  If you need assistance delivering the piece(s) to us, we can give you a few referrals for help.
  3. We price pieces based on local market value. We love to know the history behind each piece so please include in your email and let us know if you have a desired earning amount.
  4. You will receive 50% of the sale price. We consign pieces for a total of 60 days. If your piece does not sell after 60 days it will become store property and/or donated to a local charity. If you wish to take your piece back after the 60 days, please let us know, in writing, upon delivering to us.
  5. Checks are cut at the end of each month. Please call or pop in to see if you have money waiting!
  6. In order to keep our inventory fresh and exciting, we discount each piece over time starting the day it hits our floor.

15% after 15 days in our store.
30% after 30 days in our store.
50% after 50 days in our store.